Purpose Institute is founded in 2016 and offers a fully licensed Bachelor's Degree in Social Entrepreneurship.

At the core of Purpose Institute’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship is the belief that all of us have a purpose and a specific talent so unique that we can build a purpose-driven business or nonprofit around our gift. At Purpose Institute, all graduates leave with a legal corporate entity with a meaningful mission and multiple well-planned revenue streams. 

Why Students Choose Purpose Institute

Low-cost, fully virtual program

Designed for students who want an alternative to the traditional 4-year college paths

Students can earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship on a flexible timeline

Students receive both theoretical teachings and practical application

Students will graduate with an established business or nonprofit organization that is aligned with their unique purpose


Purpose Institute's Core Values

All people have unique skills and abilities.

Purpose Institute is dedicated to helping individuals cultivate their unique gifts and talents.

We use our proven process to help individuals build a unique enterprise or nonprofit organization.

Education should be free.

The rising cost of education and the increasing flexibility of online courses are changing the educational landscape.

Our educational resources provide an opportunity for students to move in the direction of their destiny, at an affordable price.

Education should be centered around the student.

Education should be relevant to the student’s culture, history, and identity.

Education should not force people to conform to a certain ideal.

Education should be Inner-Directed.

Education should help individuals to make their own choices independent of outside influences.

Each life decision should be evaluated by asking: “Is this truly my decision or are external pressures making this decision for me?”

Start with Purpose.

Center your business or non-profit around your life's purpose

Allow the purpose of your organization to become the most important factor.

A Fully-Virtual Bachelor's Program, Accessible via a Mobile App

Students can access all of their online courses on the Purpose Institute Mobile App for Android and Appple. Download the App today and learn anywhere, anytime.

Revolutionary Student Experience

Purpose Institute VR Incubator

We seek to have as much connectivity and interaction as possible for our students' experience while they attend Purpose Institute.

One of the solutions to this is through our cutting-edge VR experience.

Using VR technology to reinvent learning and business training courses, we work to link numerous groups across our virtual campus.

Purpose Institute

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