Purpose University, Inc. founded in 2016 is now offering a fully licensed Bachelors Degree in Social Enterprise.

Which is like a business degree for companies who care about social and environmental impact. The degree also prepares graduates to run a nonprofit organization.

Why Students Choose Purpose University

  • Low-cost, fully virtual program that can be tailored to individual student’s schedule
  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Enterprise in as little as two years
  • Advisors are paired with students to personally guide them through their courses and serve as their mentor to help them build a thriving business.
  • All Purpose University Advisors have real life experience building a business & non profit
  • We value theoretical teachings but we believe practical application is more important
  • Students will graduate with an established business or nonprofit organization that is aligned with their unique purpose

8 Terms Course Curriculum Table

You are welcomed to work through the courses in the program at your own pace. However, if you would like to finish the program within 2 years, we recommend you follow the following course progression outlined below:

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Something Completely New

Purpose University VR Incubator

Using VR technology to reinvent learning and business training courses. we work to link numerous groups across campus.

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